AIDS Orphan Care Walkathon 2019
Come for Fun! Prizes! Exercise! Fresh air!
A beautiful walk around Lincoln Woods
A good time with family and friends
But most importantly—
Come to raise funds for AIDS orphans in Africa!
Aim High
Set a personal fundraising goal of $100 or more.
Or join our Heroes Club with a fundraising goal of at least $300.
Build Your Webpage
Register for the AIDS Orphan Care Walkathon online and you get your own personal fundraising page. Make it personal—upload a photo, tell folks why you care. Then track your donations!  It’s easy, and it makes donating easy.
Believe in Yourself
Make a donation to yourself online. Your gift will set the tone for others to give.
Email Your Friends and Family
Send emails to everyone you know asking them to sponsor you. Post a request on your Facebook page. Remember, you’re not asking for yourself. You’re asking for orphans and HIV-positive kids who need the absolute basics in life.
Write about It
Send a letter in the mail to friends, family, and co-workers who are not online, asking for their support. Explain why the cause is important to you.
Make a List
Make a list of potential donors. Include everyone you know.
  1. Your family
  2. Your friends
  3. Your work or school
  4. Your church, temple or religious community
  5. Your neighborhood
  6. Businesses you support
  7. Your sports team or gym
  8. Your Facebook friends or other online social network
  9. Other groups you participate in:
  • Alumnae group
  • Book group
  • Dance or yoga class
  • Computer class
  • Bowling team
  • Your children’s play group
Check your address book and email accounts to make sure you remember everyone! 
Be Prepared
Take your pledge form and personal web page address everywhere you go and ask everyone you interact with to sponsor you.  If you don't ask, you are deciding 'no' for someone who may want to give.
Talk It Up
Get permission to make a brief announcement at a staff meeting, church meeting, or in class. Then make it easy for people to donate by being available afterward with your pledge form and web page address.
One a Day
Ask a different person each day to make a contribution. If you get four $25 gifts, you will have raised $100 in less than a week. Don’t be afraid to ask for larger gifts.  Most people are happy to help such a great cause.
Double Your Money
Many employers offer matching funds programs. Inquire with your HR department.
Quadruple Your Money
Why walk alone? Form a team and get everybody fundraising together. A little friendly competition goes a long way!
Take a Deep Breath
Remember, AIDS Orphan Care is not about fundraising. It’s about improving the lives of African kids affected by AIDS.
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